This is the Most popular Indian Actress, she has millions of fan around the glob.Its the respect & honour by God, its God's wish who bless this respect & honour to the person He wants. 

Beside that today came through search engine that what nonsense people search about her beautiful angel. it really hurt me, because i am also the fan of this beautiful lady who brought to us from Heaven.
Following sentences people search about her...

1. katrina kaif without clothes
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4. katrina kaif without clothes photoshoot
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10. katrina kaif without clothes kissing
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13. katrina kaif without clothes all pics
14, katrina kaif without clothes with salman khan
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16. katrina kaif hot scene in ek tha tiger

above sixteen searches mentions the mentality of those people, if we analyse, everything is same to all women & man while the face is only changed, then why such people dont see nudity of those type of women? why they look towards such great personalities with their bad opinions? Why their thoughts makes wrong sense about such great heroes.

I suggest all such nonsense minds...there are thousands of websites opened of your interest kindly go their to come over your dirty wishes, please dont think or search anything  wrong about those queens which made millions of hearts to beat, to be happy, to change their lives.

but there are some innocent minds which search positive about her, thats really great..
1. katrina kaif songs
2. katrina kaif performance 2013
3. katrina kaif hot scene in dhoom 3
4. katrina kaif kiss shahrukh khan
5. katrina and the waves walking on sunshine
6. katrina kaif dance
7. katrina bowden
8. katrina kaif interview
9. katrina kaif and ranbir kapoor
10. katrina kaif movies

i am very because of above people who search positively.
This is what i am sharing ....kindly correct me if i got something wrong.
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